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API spirit

Charter & Values 

The values of API are set down in the company’s charter document, which represents the guidelines for the employees.

-     We exist for our customers.

-     Our customers are the core value of our company, and our employees are our key capital.

-     The spirit of the company, close co-operation and independence guarantees our success.

-     Our professionalism is based on our sense of strictness and competence.

-     Our relations are based on long-term partnerships.

-     Our continuation is ensured by our capacity to adapt.

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The employees of API have different backgrounds and training. This diversity creates a corporate culture, which focuses on quality, open minds and a responsible attitude.

To encourage personal improvement, a plan for further education is proposed to each employee at the time of engagement. The objective is to enable API to meet the requirements of its customers and to anticipate their demands (because API always puts the stress on monitoring technological development).

The long-term working relationships of our employees is a remarkable element, which speaks for the professional working environment offered by API.


Internal Events

The spirit API was still there this year.

To change the last year, this time the weekend was 100 % employees for a visit in the country of empress Sissi. Budapest, magnificent city with luxurious places, magnificent monuments...

As every time the cheerfulness and the team spirit were there.

Recruiting Process

The hiring process consists of three basic elements:

-     Knowledge

-     Know-how

-     Inter-personal skills

This is the reason for the special attention given to the quality of recruitment, which guarantees our employees’ satisfaction as well as the stability of the company. API offers advantageous conditions of employment, variable activities, which permit a rapid professional development, further education and a salary, based on the employee’s competency.

API expects the following from its employees:

-     Seeking perfection with a view to excellence

-     Careful and proactive attention to customers’ needs and questions

-     The capacity to propose solutions with a high performance level

-     Well-developed skills in adapting to other cultures

-     Loyalty to customers as well as to API