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Company profile


API is a Swiss Company founded in 1990. Our core competencies are in the area of IT services and we are experts in consulting, system integration and IT operations management.

Our goal is to help our customers develop their own IT ideas and implement their projects while respecting the individual requirements specific to their sector.

We offer high value services, which fulfill the IT lifecycle requirements.

Our strong points are:

  1. High Quality Performance Standards
  2. Flexibility
  3. Customer Care and Speed
  4. Broad Supply Service Range
  5. Strong Company Culture
  6. Vitality


High Quality Performance Standards

API strictly adheres to performance standards, as we are committed to the ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is very rare amongst IT service companies.

We also hold several other international certifications from well-known Partners.


Our profile: Flexibility and customised service.

Our goal is to find the best balance between cost control and managing the daily business processes.

This explains why API has successful Long-term partnerships with well-known companies with all of their diversified or specific requirements.

Customer Care and Speed

API was founded in Switzerland and has expanded throughout its market.

We are therefore aware of all local aspects and requirements of the companies within this market.

In order to answer our customers’ needs and provide them with the same service quality throughout Switzerland, we have recently opened new offices in the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland.

Broad Supply Service Range

Over the years our main goal has been to offer added value services, our main area of expertise.

We offer a full service package containing:

-     Infrastructure

-     Delegation of staff

-     Development & Testing

Strong Company Culture

Service Quality, Team Spirit and Success.

This founding philosophy of API has developed into a true company tradition.

A selection of added value services and continuous improvements belong to the core vision, as well as having a great team spirit and quality resources for both internal and external tasks.

API’s values are set down in the company’s charter document, a comprehensive action guide for our employees’ daily tasks.


API is a real time company with the following characteristics:

-     management deeply involved in the daily business

-     fast decision making process

The organisational structure is highly flexible and designed to respond swiftly to our customers’ needs.