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Management, strategy and competencies


Within the IT industry, quality of service means listening carefully to our customers, clearly defining their expectations and providing solutions which meet their specific needs.

API has expanded while strictly adhering to this philosophy and has developed a true service-orientated culture based on the quality of the services delivered, flexibility, customer care and attention. Precisely that fact makes API stand out from its competitors.

For API, quality means team spirit combined with human dimension. This is the way we communicate with success.

API Executive Management with its broad business vision, long years of experience and more than 25 years of experience in managing Professional Services Companies consequently stipulates the following strategy: advising our clients, managing consistent projects or providing them with full outsourcing services.

Strategy and Competencies

API proposes solutions allowing its customers to implement projects for successful future business operations and to support the business strategy.

All of our services are developed from and based on the service reference model (SRM), which means we are always focussing on the entire IT lifecycle.

API’s strategy is based on the following three service areas:

-     Infrastructure

-     Delegation of staff

-     Development & TMA

To guarantee complete control of projects and operations, API concentrates on delivering a full range of services within the broad area of IT operations management. This is one of the secrets of our success.